31 Proven Tips to Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

What is OCD?

OCD,  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is an anxiety disorder that makes your life a nightmare.

The common symptoms of this disorder are obsessions (fear or worry) and repetitive actions (compulsions) to reduce these fear. These repetitive actions provide a temporary relief to the person, and with time, he had to perform the compulsions to get rid of this anxiety.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder makes a person’s life hell.

This disorder certainly influences negatively in a person’s relationships, career, education, personal life, physical and mental health.

So, how to overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ?

Here are 31 killer tips that can definitely help you in overcoming OCD.


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1. See a therapist:

This could be the best advice anyone can give you.

What are the causes of ocd?

Deficiency of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter in brain is the major reason.

SSRIs are the trustworthy chemicals used in OCD treatment. These SSRIs that are present in medicines increase the Serotonin level in the brain and reduce OCD.

A qualified therapist is the only person who can diagnose and answer your question “Do I have OCD?”

Fortunately, effective medicines are available now that can certainly help you overcome OCD.

One important thing is, even if the medicines do not work, do not lose hope.

Inform your therapist and he will make necessary changes in the prescription.

2. Don’t be alone:

OCD sufferers tend to do some rituals regularly to calm down their unwanted intrusive thoughts.

Their actions certainly appear to be silly, awkward and ridiculous.

And to escape from these embarrassing situations OCD sufferers tend to stay indoors.

But staying indoors doesn’t solve your OCD. It makes your mind locked in OCD viscious cycle and it becomes difficult to break the cycle.

You might be unwilling to get out of the home, yet it helps you meeting new situations and break the cycle.

3. Accept you have OCD:

When you are diagnosed as having OCD by therapist, accept it.

Don’t deny it.

Keep telling your mind this truth even once a day so that it absorbs into your sub conscious mind.

But at the same time, don’t brood over the thought of suffering from OCD.

Why should you accept?

While performing a ritual, at any time, being frustrated, you ask yourself..

Why am I doing this silly, awkward act again and again”?

Just simply answer “I have OCD, that’s the reason”

This simple tip reduces your OCD and anxiety drastically.

Meditation helps overcome ocd


4. Meditation:

Meditation is a proven ancient relaxation method that can do wonders for you in overcoming OCD.

probably you may not be able to get results from starting meditation In the advanced stages of OCD, but in the initial stages of this dreaded disorder, meditation definitely helps you.

It is suggested

  • To begin meditation whether you have OCD or not, since it can prevent many other psychological disorders also.
  • If you are an OCD sufferer and want to protect your kid from it, make your kids learn and practice meditation. Here is the quick and easy method to protect your kids from fear, anxiety and worry.

5. Prevent anxiety:

OCD is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a prominent symptom of OCD. If you can overcome anxiety, you can overcome OCD. 

Make a list of things that makes you anxious, even the little factors that are normally ignored like high volume of mobile ring tone, feeling anxious while watching news on television etc.

Now begin eliminating one by one.

This is an effective method to overcome anxiety and panic attacks within no time.

Even after several attempts, unfortunately, if you can’t overcome anxiety, then try to cope with it.

6. Stop multitasking:

While participating in the rat race of this modern world, you might be habituated to multitasking.

Multitasking is, doing a number of different tasks simultaneously. It may be suitable to people not having OCD, but it certainly doesn’t suit OCD people.


Multitasking produces stress, which increases anxiety. Anxiety is the prominent feature of OCD.  So, if you really want to overcome ocd then you need to control stress and multitasking.

7. Become a minimalist:

Declutter your mind.

Reduce the number of things at your home. Throw away or giveaway the things you don’t need any more. Get rid of things that you need yearly once or twice.

Keeping only the things that are essential, makes your life decluttered.

As eliminating useless, unproductive thoughts improves your thinking efficiency, decluttering your home enables you to a have calm mind.

Simple living helps you

  • Overcoming material possessions
  • Declutter your home and reduce your household tasks.

8. Be with positive people:

Make a list of people who spread negative ideas, thoughts and avoid spending time with them.

This may look difficult but helps you a lot.

9. Combat or Compromise:

The most valuable rule in combating any psychological disorder is “combat with it or compromise with it

Observe what causes you anxiety and make a list of them:

Now begin eliminating one by one.

If it appears impossible, then try to cope with it.

10.   3 practices never to be neglected:

  • Regular exercise
  • Sound sleep
  • Healthy diet

11. Stop comparing yourself to others:

It’s a natural human tendency to compare ourselves to others.

Appearances are deceptive.

Everyone has problems, difficulties.

But they might be hiding their sorrows, worries behind a mask, conveniently.

Do not judge their quality of their happiness by looking at their external appearance.

The recent trend with the growth of social media, every where you could see the images of happy , laughing faces being posted on Facebook, Pinterest , Google plus etc. Regularly looking at these happy faces may cause “you are ok, I am not ok” syndrome.

One little tip,

If you can’t avoid comparing, do one thing. Whenever you compare yourself with others, try to compare with people inferior to you in any field. This makes you realize how fortunate you are.

12. Deep breathe:

It is an age old technique.

Have you ever tried this method?


I have seen this advice at number of different places but never put into practice. But on the day when in a crucial situation I put this into practice, I realized the value of this simple technique.

13. Avoid the question “What if”:

This question enters into your mind recurrently turning your life into a nightmare.

While you are watching a movie in theater, you may have these OCD thoughts.

  • What if I left the stove on?
  • What if I got poked by a needle infected with a deadly virus?
  • What if I left the door open before coming to office?

Little solutions:

Keep a small notebook and note down at what time and date you switched off the stove. This may appear silly to others, but this little demon “What if” can damage your whole pleasant experience of watching a movie with your family.

Tell yourself “I have ocd”

Imagine what could be the worst case scenario. This tip is a double edged sword. Sometimes it may backfire. So, be careful.

14. Don’t believe in your feelings:

Echart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now” tells, Your mind plays a lot of tricks on you every moment.

If you start believing your feelings, you will be a puppet in the hands of your emotions.

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15. Find the cause:

Find the real hidden reason for your anxiety, and take measures to reduce it. Sometimes chronic depression, childhood trauma, lack of sufficient sleep etc might be the reasons.

Try to find the root cause and solve it.

16. Help others:

A man was wandering aimlessly looking for an answer to his question “Where is God?”

One day, while walking on the road, he saves the lives of an old woman and her little grandson from a road accident. All the people gathered there appreciated him.

Before leaving the place the old woman thanked him many times and said ”Thank you…you saved our lives, you are my God”

After they left, the man was brooding over the thought of “you are my God”.  Suddenly he found the answer to his question.

He realized God is everywhere.

God is in every human being.

Everyone is God.

He is the God.

17. Keep a worry hour:

Every time you get an unwanted thought, simply note down it on a paper. Now calm down your mind by telling “I will think about it at 8 pm (that is the worry hour).”

You may really think about it in the worry hour


Most of the times you would have forgotten about it at 8 pm.

18. Don’t control your thoughts, Control your reactions:

Sometimes you may not control your thoughts. Then it would be a good approach to let the thoughts flow in.

Don’t obstruct them.

Don’t control them.

Just observe your thoughts.

But control your reactions to it.

Control your reactions like,

  • Sweating
  • Increased heart beat
  • Trembling

These reactions can be controlled by techniques like Deep breathing, meditation etc

19. Indulge in what you are passionate:

Don’t be idle.

When you have nothing to do, all sorts of unwanted intrusive thoughts rush into your mind to occupy the empty space. So, Indulge yourself in any task that you are passionate.

Why passionate?

While doing a task that you are not interested, you might be doing the task mechanically but your mind wanders somewhere, inviting the unwanted thoughts. But when you do something passionately all your senses and your mind is concentrated on the task, not allowing any space for other thoughts.

Make a list of what you are passionate about, right now, after reading this post.

20. Get help from online forums:

Why especially online forums?

Online forums give you the advantage of asking any kind of question, being anonymous. The question may be silly, awkward. You don’t need to feel ashamed because your identity is not known.

Sometimes the OCD sufferer can not realize he has a disorder called OCD. Fortunately, today there is enough efforts are being made to spread the awareness about OCD. 

The simple thing you just need to do is ask the question clearly, like

What kind of thoughts you are having?

What is the impact of these thoughts on your physical body?

What are your feelings at that time?  etc.

I can assure you that lot of philanthropic people are ready to help you by giving you suggestions, reveal their experiences and even suggest a therapist in your locality.

21. Other relaxation techniques:

A number of relaxation methods, other than meditation, are proven to be effective in reducing anxiety.

Some of these are

22. Therapies:

Modern day therapies like ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) have produced excellent results in treating anxiety disorders like OCD. 

23. Avoid the idea “Why me”

Being frustrated, you start thinking

“why this is happening to me only?”

“ What have I done wrong?”

“Is this some kind of punishment by God?
Brooding over the question “why me?” is an extremely harmful pattern, that destroys you slowly from the inside. This thought pattern awakens a demon called self pity.

24. Thought stopping techniques:

Keep a rubber band around your wrist and whenever you have an intrusive thought, just pull the rubber gently and release. The little pain   caused, will bring you back from the unwanted thought to reality, so that the thought can be diverted.

25. Books that can certainly help you overcome ocd:

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26. Spirituality/ Religion:

Have faith in God, in religion.

If you are an atheist have faith in some spiritual philosophy.

The luckiest person is one, who goes into deep sleep, thinking “God will protect me”.

Laughing Boy


27. Laugh:

It is the priceless solution.

How can I laugh frequently?

Simple. You don’t have to do anything. Just spend your time with humorous people, and they will make you laugh with their spontaneity.

28. Listen to music:

Music diverts your mind from those intrusive thoughts.

Music has the tremendous power of healing.

Music has the ability to bring relief in certain mood disorders.

I prefer…

29. Change your lifestyle:

This is most valuable tip. Unless you change your life style, habits, attitude, thinking patterns, it becomes difficult to overcome OCD.

30. Nature:

Nature has the power of healing, the power to calm down your worries.

Take out some time to spend time with nature every now and then. Spend your time in…

  • Listening to the sounds of water drops at a waterfall
  • Inhaling the fresh oxygen in your garden
  • Watching the dew drops on leaves in a forest

31. Believe in the theory of Karma:

The doctrine of Karma tells us doing a task without expecting a result. It suggests us do our duty with out any attachment. This makes you remain the same in success and failure.

You no longer try to control things that are beyond your control and at the same time put your entire efforts to change the things that are in your control.

Finally, I want to introduce you this proven method that can eliminate your anxiety and panic attacks instantly.

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