5 Ways to overcome Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

quote-Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

Dilemma is a situation where it is difficult to take a decision out of the available alternatives. The reason might be both the choices are favorable or undesirable.

When a stimulus triggers an obsession in an OCD sufferer, the obsession creates anxiety, fear which force the person to perform certain illogical, irrational rituals. Completing such rituals (compulsions ) brings momentary happiness or false relief. While performing the ritual a part of person’s mind keeps telling him those acts of compulsion are silly, irrational and doesn’t make any sense. Counter to this argument, the OCD part of the mind threatens him to complete the rituals, otherwise some thing evil would happen. These threats cause discomfort.

Between these two factors, pulling in two different directions, it becomes very difficult to take a decision. At a moment he wants to perform the ritual, the other moment he dislikes to do it. So an OCD person is constantly in dilemma. This dilemma doesn’t end in one day. As OCD is a chronic disorder, this dilemma continues through out his life.

How to overcome dilemma in OCD ?

The worst thing about OCD is it is chronic. The good news is it can be cured.

The first weapon in the battle with OCD is seeking medical assistance. Finding a therapist ( psychiatrist ) in these days has become very easy and simple. Consult a qualified, experienced doctor and start taking medicines. Never skip medicines and do consult your doctor regularly. If you skip, OCD strikes you again ( relapse ).

1. Get motivated regularly :

quote : get motivated

get motivated

OCD is a horrible disorder, at some point, you lose all your hope, and feel terribly depressed. You find life horrible. Life becomes a nightmare.

In these difficult situations you need to have faith,  be brave and keep yourself motivated .

2. Read success stories :

thumbs up

success in OCD

You are not the only person having OCD. Naming the disorder and its symptoms might be a modern age process, but from centuries, millions of people suffering from OCD. Most of them achieved victory and conquered OCD. You can learn from their experiences. More over, after reading their stories, you may find your sufferings trivial before their’s.

3. Believe in your reasoning :

Improve your rational thinking and reasoning abilities by continuous self affirmations. Affirmations like

“I am thinking rationally.”

“My thoughts are logical.”

“I am mentally tough , I can take right decisions .”

“My thoughts are simple and concise.”

4. Accept discomfort :

quote :accept discomfort

accept discomfort

Intrusive thoughts create discomfort in you. By performing a compulsion, this discomfort subsides temporarily. But these compulsions feed the OCD demon and they reappear, causing you more discomfort. Now you are trapped in a OCD cycle…….So what to do ?

                                              Believe and assimilate a simple philosophy ” accept the discomfort and live with it “. 

               Paradoxically , when you prepare yourself to live with discomfort, you find comfort and happiness. If you try to run away from your fears, discomforts,….they haunt you and grab you. Instead if you stop and try to encounter them, you will certainly overcome your fears, obsessions. This may not happen miraculously in a single day, but definitely it will happen.

5. Don’t hesitate to take other’s help :

help me in OCD

help me in OCD

When your own energy is not sufficient to with the OCD demon, you can take the help of others. You can rely upon your parents, siblings and close friends. Support of family and friends plays a vital role in overcoming OCD. you can also join an online forum, where OCD sufferers share their difficulties and achievements.

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