6 tips to reduce anxiety and panic attack instantly.

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Severe anxiety and panic attack are the result of false alarm rung by sympathetic nervous system in our body. It senses a threat and informs the brain, as a result your heart pumps more blood than required, to prepare for the situation.  Adrenaline is released to face the ” fight or flight ” situation. some symptoms of the panic attack are

  • unable to breathe
  • trembling
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • you feel you are dying.

In the ancient days human beings had threats from wild animals, nature and other human beings. In those situations it was necessary for us, to be prepared physically to run, assault, chase etc. But nowadays we are no more afraid of these threats. In today’s world we have different threats, challenges, for instance …

  • public speaking
  • taking examinations
  • taking interviews
  • verbal argument

Unfortunately our brain is not accustomed to modern day challenges, so when it is necessary to keep our self calm, it makes us anxious by pumping more blood, rising heart rate and releasing adrenaline. So you certainly need to train yourself to face these situations. Here are some tips.

1. Take a decision :

quote-take a decision

take a decision

It is a normal habit for  most of us, while under a  panic attack we are worried, we firmly feel to eliminate anxiety from our life forever, but later, when the anxiety subsides, we forget to continue our efforts to fight anxiety.  Result ………..have another panic attack. So…take a decision to eliminate anxiety completely from your life. with out continuous, long term efforts, anxiety can not be eliminated. This may not be so easy, but if you are determined, nothing is impossible.

2. Take a deep breathe :

why ? with the false alarm from sympathetic nervous system, our brain takes some measures to prepare our body to face the threat. To counter act them, we need to take a deep breathe. breathing is an oldest, efficient technique to reduce anxiety. Breathing is the gateway to meditation. Breathing is the stepping stone to meditation. The Buddhist meditation method anapanasati  concerns mindfulness of inhalation and exhalation.

3. music :


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Music makes us forget this world, takes us into unknown territories. Music is an art with no boundaries. whether it is vocal or instrumental.  as P.B.Shelly rightly said in ‘ode to a skylark’ “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.”  Sometimes we listen to songs to overcome our grief, especially melancholic songs.

4. Self affirmation :

quote : I am confident

I am confident

Here is a contradictory statement.

” human brain is a very intelligent one….. yet, it can be easily deceived. “

Don’t you agree with me ? OK…I will explain a little bit.

In ” The power of your subconscious mind ” author Joseph Murphy states our mind can be tamed. This process is known as ” self affirmations “. It is quite simple but needs practice and patience.

You need to tell your mind constantly some positive affirmations. The greatest secret about human mind is it accepts and believes whatever is being told continuously. If you tell yourself ” I am confident ” for 40 days, the affirmation is absorbed into the mind and  you start behaving confidently.

But unknowingly and unfortunately we have been using this simple miraculous secret in a negative way. For instance, in failures, most of us are frustrated, depressed and tell ourselves.. ” I can’t do it, I am not fit for it.” ” I am the unluckiest person on the earth.” ” it is impossible for me “ These kind of negative self affirmations destroy us. But unknowingly we are habituated to this.

So wake up and stop these negative self talk. When you are anxious, try to repeat positive self affirmations like…

” I am calm and confident “

” I can pass through this crisis easily “

“With each breathe I take, I let go of my fearful thoughts and anxiety”

You can find some more positive affirmations (about anxiety)  here.

5 Philosophy :

Everyone needs to have some philosophy. here is mine…

It’s Not What Happens to You That Matters, It’s How You React.

When you are going to give a presentation in front of a small gathering, how hard you prepare, how hard you control….there will be some symptoms of anxiety, for most of us. You certainly know, the audience are nice people, who normally do not find faults, if you fail in your presentation. still you are somewhat anxious……. so believe .. ” nothing happens to me, if I fail “

6. humor/ Laughter :

Laughter makes you forget your worries. It makes your body relax. It makes us happy.We all know when we are happy, we feel confident, we can sense new energy that flows in our body. Anxiety and happiness are two opposite poles and they can’t stay together.  

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