Do you believe there is bright side of OCD ? 7 ways to feel happy.


Bright side of OCD ?..what do you think ?…..” no way…..not at all possible “

let’s see.

OCD is a horrible disorder which can make your life a nightmare. You forget your happy moments, your friends, your social life, entrapped in the OCD cycle with obsessions, compulsions , momentary relief, then again another obsession. You wonder ” God… there any end to this? “

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a popular proverb used to bring people out of pessimism. When life gave you lemons (OCD ), how can you make lemonade (happiness ) from it ?

we are quite sure there are thousand disadvantages with the disorder. Still  I am just trying to find out ” is there even a single advantage with OCD ?” in this post.

1. OCD is believed to occur in intelligent people:

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Number of researches found this statement true. So if you have OCD, believe you are too intelligent. It is widely believed, a number of scientists, intellectuals had this disorder. In our contemporary society so many celebrities are said to be suffering from OCD.

2. You can be an expert in Arithmetic and non verbal reasoning :


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If an OCD sufferer has obsession of number 3, while surfing channels on television, he doesn’t select the channel 53 directly. Instead he clicks to 54 and comes down to 53, because he tries to avoid the numbers which are not multiples of 3.

Like this, continuously doing additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions in your mind unknowingly, you become an expert in arithmetic.

If a person has an obsession of symmetry, he always tries to keep everything in order, to do this he keeps observing patterns in each and every situation. When you observe patterns every moment, you can solve non verbal reasoning questions very easily.

3. You become healthy :

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When you suffer from cleaning and washing OCD, you keep worrying about germs and contamination.  You take lot of precautions about your health and hygiene and certainly avoid junk food, ( most of them normally prepared outside ). Avoiding outside food and personal hygiene certainly keeps you healthy.

4. You become a perfectionist :

Normal people try to complete a task up to certain extent, depending on their passion. After that, they become tired and leave it. But this is not the case with OCD people. They try to achieve perfection in everything. Even a tiny loophole in their work, makes them restless until it is rectified. To keep themselves satisfied, they keep on improvising their work very patiently.

5. Your thinking patterns are different :

The number of thoughts generated in an OCD person and a normal person is different. OCD patients have more number of thoughts. Their thought patterns are different. They can visualize concepts, which a normal person can’t . May be most of their thoughts are silly and senseless, but even if a few thoughts make sense, they become very valuable.

6. You can be a language specialist :

One of my friends had an obsession of a particular number. While writing any sentence, he tried to keep the number of words in the sentence in multiple of that number. If he found the total words in a sentence are not in multiple of that number, he tried to delete or add some words, with out altering the meaning of the sentence.

This is really a tedious task. always counting the number of words, adding, deleting…again counting. As a result he became proficient in synonyms, antonyms and one word substitutions.

7. You do not have superiority complex:

wall paper -sorry

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OCD attacks you with two deadly weapons, ……..doubt and guilt.

Guilt makes you feel sorry for the things you may or may not have committed. While others hesitate to apologize for their mistakes, you very simply communicate your apologies with out much ado.

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