can meditation cure OCD ?

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Most of us believe meditation has a positive impact on our lives. However we may disagree on the extent of it’s influence. Now,here the question is ” does meditation do any good to OCD sufferers”

and I can say ”  YES 

OCD is disorder in which a person has to go through unbearable sufferings. Most of these sufferings arise from the unwanted, uninvited thoughts that come again and again.

One Thing  :

OCD is a disorder,  very few people can understand the sufferer’s pain.

it’s “living in hell

the sufferer has to do lot of rituals to appease the unwanted thoughts, which arrive recurrently into his mind.

Most of the times he doesn’t know why he is doing all those things.

sometimes he believes he is doing all those unnecessary, silly, foolish ( as they appears to  others ) to prevent their beloved one’s from some greatest harm.

there are  two stages at which you can get the help of meditation in curing OCD.

1. beginning stage of OCD :

why beginning stage of OCD ?  why not in advanced stage ?

quotation- never again

ocd- never again

I certainly believe two things.

  • OCD is unbearable.
  • Meditation definitely brings positive results on our health.

but, at an advanced stage, the person being suffered a lot, lost all his confidence and will power, may not be able to distinguish what is real and what is  hallucination. they are so much habituated to their rituals that concentrating on meditation may become impossible.

as they have very least control on their thoughts, that enter into his mind and prevent him from going into deep trance.

So, I believe, at advanced stage instead of meditation, “medication” brings accurate results in bringing back the person from the clutches of OCD. After reaching a normal stage, they can START practising  meditation,  since  OCD won’t leave you so easily.  It certainly subsides, while you are on medicines, but once you stop taking  medicines, there is a great probability  it attacks you again ( RELAPSE ). So when you reach a normal stage, start meditating, and it certainly helps you in combating the evil and prevent the devil from revisiting you.

2. OCD can be hereditary :

Researches found OCD may be hereditary.  And you may be dreaded by the thought of your kids getting this disorder. you might be wondering how you can protect your kids from it.

Don’t worry. It may not happen, but you can do one thing which can keep your kid away from not only OCD but also many more psychological and physical disorders.

that is….. teach them to meditate everyday.

a person in meditation beside a lake

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this can be a greatest gift you are going to give your children,…… believe me.

meditating from childhood certainly has a tremendous impact on OCD and others.






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