Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Types

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety Disorder symptoms, types

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At the sound of the alarm clock ringing, you begin to wake up, your eyes blinking rapidly to adjust to the blinding sunlight. You start the day with a yawn and a few stretches of your limbs.

As you slowly remove yourself from the comforts of your warm bed, the inner cogs of your mind begin to turn and supply you with thoughts to start up your day. And with a gasp, you then remember that in less than an hour, you will be taking your final exam.

You suddenly feel nauseous, your legs trembling at the picture in your mind. Your breakfast no longer tastes edible because your throat has gone dry. Suddenly, it is like your heart is about to break your rib cage apart with its uncontrollable thudding, and your breaths come out in short wheezes and pants.

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“Life in rewind” an OCD book review

“Life in rewind” is a case study of Edward Zine who is suffering from severe obsessive compulsive disorder and Michael Jenike, the therapist who broke all the rules to help his patient.

This book reveals how they both achieved victory in the battle with OCD.

“Life in rewind” has an suitable caption “the story of a young courageous man who persevered over OCD and the Harvard doctor who broke all the rules to help him.”

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Who is Michael A. Jenike ?

Michael A. Jenike is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a leading expert in research and treatment of OCD.

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How to overcome blasphemous thoughts ? 7 things you need know.

Having continuous unwanted intrusive thoughts is a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. Having recurring blasphemous thoughts is a sub type of OCD.

This is a terrible problem for any ardent religious person. It is a torture. It is hell. it is a problem which can’t be shared with any one so easily. You have unwanted thoughts about god always recurring in your mind. As a result you feel

” God will not forgive me “

” I am definitely going to hell for this “

” I have committed unforgivable sin “

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7 Signs you may have OCD.

What is OCD?

OCD ,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is an mental disorder that makes your life hell. The predominant features of Ocd symptoms and signs  are doubt and guilt. 

In the past OCD was not so popular and very few knew about it. But today  the disorder spread so rapidly ( it is not a contagious disease ) that the world had to wake up and take necessary measures to protect ourselves from it. The first requirement in fighting any illness is recognizing it’s presence. So, we need to know how to identify the symptoms of OCD.

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