How, the unknown trojan horse, keeps you depressed always.

trojan horse

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Trojan horse means, something that appears safe from the outside, but sabotages from inside. “Trojan horse” word came into existence from the popular Trojan war, in which Greeks entered into the Trojan kingdom hidden in a great wooden horse and destroyed the entire kingdom.

In real life, if you have a psychological disorder, normally you recognize it and try to come out of it. But this is not the case always. here is a trojan which brings us pleasure, yet tries to destroy us by keeping you depressed always. That is self pity.

what is self pity ?

self pity is a feeling that a person is the victim of circumstances. He believes that he performed his duties well but didn’t get rewarded accordingly.

quote -self pity sabotages You

self pity sabotages You

signs of self pity.

If these kind of thoughts come into your mind often then you can suspect, it’s self pity.

  • I am the unluckiest person on earth.
  • it’s not my fault, it’s god’s fault.
  • life is not beautiful, …….life is unfair.
  • how hard I try, I won’t get results.
  • Everyone is fine, except me.
  • I am alone in this selfish world.
  • Why things always go against me?
  • Why bad things always happen to me ?
  • There is nothing I can do. I am mere a puppet in the hands of fate.

self pity brings momentary pleasure to the person, since it makes him feel that he tried well, but the fate didn’t favor him. Little bit of self pity may be required, but when you are indulged in excessive self pity thoughts our efficiency decreases gradually.

Image credt :Pixabay

Image credt :Pixabay

when you achieve a victory, very few of us ask God, ” God, why did you choose me “. But when you get a failure, you ask God thousand times ” God, what is my mistake ? why didn’t you choose me ?” 

Self pity is a whirlpool, in which, if you enter once, coming out becomes very difficult. It tries to keep you depressed always.

How to overcome self pity thoughts ?

1. believe, you are the creator of your own destiny.

Happiness and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin. If you want one, you have to accept the other also. Both are inevitable. This philosophy works with Victory and failure also. If you accept victory, you need to accept failure too.

So forget about achievements and failures, and just concentrate on the battle of life. Remember nobody comes to your help, you have to help yourself.

2. Fortune favors the brave.

If you fight, you may win or lose……..but if you don’t fight, you will certainly lose. Remember this valuable line.

3. believe you are gifted.

God had given you more than what you needed. just look around the world. There are millions of people born in adverse circumstances. Take the example of Helen keller, she was born deaf and blind, which made her unable to speak. Still she could offer her Services for the Blind’s programs.

4.Improve mental toughness.

Mental toughness can be achieved by practice, but it requires self discipline.



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