How to get motivated when going gets tough with OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an illness which brings with it, unimaginable sufferings.

With continuous battling, sometimes you feel tired. You may believe it is unending. You begin to worry “Is OCD curable?”.

But, this is the time to have faith in yourself. You need to get going. You need to be confident that there is certain treatment for ocd and it is definitely curable.

Here you need some motivation to keep going, So these are some tips to get motivated when going gets tough with OCD.

1. You are not alone :

you are not alone - little wallpaper

you are not alone

 yes, you are not the first person to suffer from OCD.  since ages, many lives suffered from OCD, not knowing the causes and treatment to get rid of the disorder. Even today also, huge number of people are suffering from OCD and living with it not knowing its identity. So whether you know them or not, you are part of a great army fighting against OCD.

You can gain from their experience, share your sufferings by participating in OCD communities, groups and forums. Believe it …you are not alone.

2. OCD can be cured :

text - ocd can be cured

ocd can be cured

Gone are the days when there was no treatment available and people had to combat with the question “Is OCD curable’?

Treatments like CBT ( cognitive behavior therapy ) , ERP (exposure and response prevention method ) and medication with SSRI s showed considerable results in overcoming OCD.

3. Never allow even a single negative thought :

do not enter sign board

do not enter

In ancient times, while fighting in a battle, enemy troops used to try to find a weak point in the opponent’s fort ( where it is easily vulnerable ) and attempt to break it, and they could enter and capture the fort easily. In the same way, when one single negative thought enters into your mind, then it multiplies itself , ultimately captures your mind. So, it is the best advice not to let even a single negative thought.

4. No problem is eternal :


every problem has a beginning and an end.

no problem is permanent. At one or the other time, it has to yield or abandon you. Don’t lose hope.

5. Avoid self pity :

when you are surrounded by difficulties and sufferings, you are easily vulnerable to self pity.

If you have these feelings, You may be suffering from self pity.

  • I am facing lot of troubles than others.
  • Everyone is happy except me.
  • I have the worst luck.
  • Life is unfair.

self pity gradually sabotages your self esteem and confidence. so try to avoid self pity.

6. You are stronger than you think :

a strong man pulling aero plane with ropes

Image Credit : Pixabay

it is very sad, many people don’t know how capable they are, how strong they are, how intelligent they are.

Many of us are living in imaginary boundaries, restrictions, false assumptions created by our own selves. Really you do not know what you are ! you believe you are very weak. if you had to face multiple difficulties at a time, immediately you lose your courage, you feel depressed, with tears in eyes you begin blaming GOD or any other person.

But the truth is, you are much stronger than what you think you are. The reason behind our ignorance is we never test our ability. we never try to find how far we can go. we are satisfied with our comfort zone and we don’t want to come out of it.

In OCD also, while suffering from obsessions and compulsions, you believe you are very weak, you are mere puppet in the hands of fate, you have no choice except performing the rituals. But believe me, you are stronger than you think. I certainly agree overcoming OCD is not so easy, but you can do it……have faith.

7. learn from achievers :

Here ” achievers ” mean those who conquered their OCD.

there are number of achievers’ stories available online. If you read them, you can gain the knowledge, techniques, strategies to overcome OCD. They tell you which tips work and which doesn’t. More over you come to know there is so much suffering, more than you can imagine, through their experiences, and you may feel you are luckier, compared to them.



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