How To understand The Ocd symptoms in children

A huge number of parents are concerned regarding the ocd symptoms in children. Most of the times parents do not realise that their kids are suffering from OCD.

The number of kids suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD ) is equal to the number suffering from diabetes worldwide. But unfortunately, many people can recognize and understand the symptoms of Diabetes, but very few know about OCD. (I feel , it is better to suffer from  Diabetes rather than OCD.)

ocd symptoms in children

kid in sorrow

The biggest problem with OCD is sufferers do not know they are the victims of OCD, and it can be cured. This ignorance is clearly seen in kids especially.  In the beginning of OCD, when the symptoms like washing, checking, counting, arranging everything in symmetry appear, the kids believe these are quite natural in every one, but gradually when these rituals increase in number, they feel they are not like other kids. They feel something is abnormal with them. When they try to stop performing these compulsions,  OCD doesn’t leave them so easily and ultimtely they start feeling ashamed and begin to hide their rituals.

OCD symptoms in children:

Everyone agrees with the adage “A true diagnosis is half the cure”.

An illness diagnosed accurately in the beginning stage, is certainly curable.  Even an adult, suffering from OCD, can not understand  his symptoms and problem. So expecting a kid to understand and recognize OCD is hardly possible.

 Children hesitate to discuss their unwanted thoughts, rituals with any one, including with their best pals, with the fear of being treated as        ” crazy “. They silently hide and accept these rituals. This is like watering a plant and the little plant turns into a giant tree. When children performs a compulsion, it brings a temporary feeling of comfort and happiness, and it makes them feel happy by performing those rituals, but unknowingly they are totally getting into the clutches of OCD. With the elapsing time, OCD is not satisfied by the simple rituals and it starts asking you more and more to perform.

ocd symptoms in children

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Naturally parents are worried when they begin identifying their kid’s abnormal behavior. A huge number of parents don’t have enough knowledge about OCD and they believe the reason behind their unnatural behavior is

1. lack of discipline.

2. behavioral issues.

3. beginning stage of insanity

4. supernatural elements. (in some countries )

parents are too worried about getting rid of this problem, but they find it difficult to overcome this illness at home.Every parent needs to have basic knowledge of obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so that they can protect their kid from it.

Two factors can help you in diagnosing your kid’s illness.

1. finding a qualified doctor, who has experience in diagnosing and dealing with OCD.

2. preparing your kid to open up and talk to the doctor with out hiding anything. ( here as a parent, you can help them in making a list of their rituals before consulting  a doctor.)

Parents need to keep an eye for OCD symptoms in children so that it can be treated in earlier stages.


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