How to overcome blasphemous thoughts ? 7 things you need know.


Having continuous unwanted intrusive thoughts is a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. Having recurring blasphemous thoughts is a sub type of OCD.

This is a terrible problem for any ardent religious person. It is a torture. It is hell. it is a problem which can’t be shared with any one so easily. You have unwanted thoughts about god always recurring in your mind. As a result you feel

” God will not forgive me “

” I am definitely going to hell for this “

” I have committed unforgivable sin “

” God, evil is taking over me.”

How to overcome this kind of blasphemous thoughts :

1. God is kind and compassionate :


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What ever your religion is, one thing is common, God is kind and compassionate.

He is our father. He loves us all.

He is very kind hearted.

If you feel having these unwanted thoughts is an unpardonable sin,  believe me, it can be forgiven. There isn’t any unpardonable sin, God will forgive your every sin. If he doesn’t forgive us, then what is the difference between a God and a human being.

Don’t afraid of him, love him.

2. You are not your mind :

You are not your mind

You are not your mind

we are habituated to a false belief, that ” you are your mind “. That means, what ever thoughts that occur in our mind, they are created, organised and controlled by us.

But this is not true. There are so many thoughts, that origin in our mind, are beyond our control. We can control the physical actions, but not our thoughts. This truth is also supported by bhagavad gita and Australian spiritual thinker Eckhart Tolle.

We and our mind are two separate entities. Our mind constantly tries to play tricks on us.

The mind keeps you deceiving that you are the in charge of your mind. But truly, most of the times, you are not.

3. Thoughts are not sin, actions are…

quote : thoughts are not sin

thoughts are not sin

Every second, every minute,  every hour, uncountable number of thoughts are produced in our brain. Out of them a huge number of thoughts are useless. Carefully filtering these useless ones, we pick up the remaining . Out of these, like a multiple choice question, we select only one choice. this choice of thought can be transformed in to an action ( if you have the strong will power ).

Your action reveals your character, your attitude, what you are, who you are. Thoughts have very little value, unless they are converted into actions.

4. God is the creator of your thoughts :

potter moulding

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God is the creator of this entire universe, solar system, planets, earth, water ……and even your thoughts. Do you believe, you have these unwanted thoughts with out his will ?…..No.

When he is the creator of you and your thoughts. He created you with OCD, then why do you unnecessarily feel ashamed of them ?

5. God can’t be harmed by your thoughts :

God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.

He is so powerful, that your tiny thoughts can’t harm him even a little.

6. Never reveal your thoughts to any religious person :

Ignorance and lack of awareness had created a huge number of wrong beliefs in most of the religions all over the world.

So, if you express your thoughts, they may not understand your ocd and as a result you might be mistakenly treated as a non believer or something else.

The greatest advice any one can give you regarding ocd is,  consult a therapist.

7. Replace the unwanted thought immediately :

Whenever an unwanted thought enters in to your mind, immediately replace the thought with a positive one or preferably a simple prayer, like

” God.., give me the strength to overcome these intrusive thoughts.”




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