How to overcome superstitious thoughts in OCD ?

number thirteen

number thirteen

Superstition is a belief, which is not based on reason.

It is illogical.

For instance, while stepping out of home, if you encounter a black cat, you may feel it as bad omen.

A part of your mind tells you there is no reason and logic behind your fear. Cats do not have the ability to cause you harm. Yet, you try some ritual to neutralize this fear, like praying to god or returning to home.

Superstitions in human beings are not unusual.

They are quite common.

Very few people are an exception from superstitions. Superstitions may vary from place to place, but some superstitions are particular to certain locations. 

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Do you believe there is bright side of OCD ? 7 ways to feel happy.

Bright side of OCD ?..what do you think ?…..” no way…..not at all possible “

let’s see.

OCD is a horrible disorder which can make your life a nightmare. You forget your happy moments, your friends, your social life, entrapped in the OCD cycle with obsessions, compulsions , momentary relief, then again another obsession. You wonder ” God… there any end to this? “

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a popular proverb used to bring people out of pessimism. When life gave you lemons (OCD ), how can you make lemonade (happiness ) from it ?

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5 Ways to overcome Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

quote-Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

Obsessive Compulsive Dilemma

Dilemma is a situation where it is difficult to take a decision out of the available alternatives. The reason might be both the choices are favorable or undesirable.

When a stimulus triggers an obsession in an OCD sufferer, the obsession creates anxiety, fear which force the person to perform certain illogical, irrational rituals. Completing such rituals (compulsions ) brings momentary happiness or false relief. While performing the ritual a part of person’s mind keeps telling him those acts of compulsion are silly, irrational and doesn’t make any sense. Counter to this argument, the OCD part of the mind threatens him to complete the rituals, otherwise some thing evil would happen. These threats cause discomfort.

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6 tips to reduce anxiety and panic attack instantly.

panic button on key board

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Severe anxiety and panic attack are the result of false alarm rung by sympathetic nervous system in our body. It senses a threat and informs the brain, as a result your heart pumps more blood than required, to prepare for the situation.  Adrenaline is released to face the ” fight or flight ” situation. some symptoms of the panic attack are

  • unable to breathe
  • trembling
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • you feel you are dying.

In the ancient days human beings had threats from wild animals, nature and other human beings. In those situations it was necessary for us, to be prepared physically to run, assault, chase etc. But nowadays we are no more afraid of these threats. In today’s world we have different threats, challenges, for instance …

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OCD cycle and infographics.

OCD cycle :

OCD cycle

OCD cycle

Here are some awesome, useful infographics about OCD.

quote : some useful ocd  Infographics

some useful ocd Infographics

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