Are there any preventive measures to protect your kids from OCD ?… Try these 5 tips.


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The biggest concern for any parent, about their kids, is to keep them perfectly healthy. Especially, the parent who had OCD, certainly knows how miserable is life, living with OCD. Since OCD in children can’t be identified easily, as in adults, it needs much patience and skill.

So,are there any preventive measures to protect your kid from OCD ?

Till now, there is no preventive method is discovered for OCD. hope, we may have some solution in near future. Here In this post, these suggestions help you in early detection of OCD and prevent worsening of those symptoms.

1. OCD is hereditary :

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Obsessive compulsive disorder runs in the families. So if you have OCD, as a parent, then there is a great probability, your kid may also acquire it. Be aware of it and be cautious about it.

What can you do ?

2. OCD is intensified by stress and anxiety.

In this modern day, life has become a rat race and everyone is participating in it. Everyone of us, is trying to bite more than what we can chew. As a result, we are becoming  victims to stress and anxiety.

Most of us are aware of the words “stress and anxiety”,  but really not aware of it’s influence upon us. Laziness, underestimating evil impact of stress, might be the reasons behind it.

What you can do ?

Teach your kids these things, from childhood

3. Trauma can trigger OCD :

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Normally, elders have the mental toughness ( some what ) to cope with any kind of trauma. Where as, kids can not come out of the grief so easily. Traumatic incidents like serious injury, having or witnessing an accident, death of an intimate person or pet and domestic violence can cause great sorrow in kids.

They are usually indulged in this kind of thoughts.

” why this  happened ?”

” why this happened to me only ?”

“What if, it happens to me ( or my parents ) ? “

brooding over these kind of questions may lead them to OCD or post traumatic stress disorder.

4. Relapse :

once your kid is diagnosed with OCD and successfully had overcome it, there is a huge probability to have a Relapse ( to slip back in to OCD ).

What should you do :

  • understand, OCD is chronic.
  • never stop medication, with out your therapist’s suggestion.
  • follow alternate methods suggested in the post to fight OCD.

5. Illness :

Some research results found that “streptococcal bacterial infection” and some kind of brain injury can aggravate OCD in kids.

Last thing :

1. Normally, deficiency of Serotonin (a neuro transmitter in the brain) is the main reason for OCD. But till now, no preventive measures exist for this, except taking medicines, to balance the deficiency.

2. If you are too much concerned about your kid, then protecting your kid from OCD may become an obsession for you.

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