How to deal with side effects in OCD treatment

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder, which makes a person’s life filled with extreme agony. The causes might be genetic, neurological, behavioral or environmental,….what ever it may be, the end result is suffering.

We have enough medicines and therapies to deal with OCD, still there are so many people complaining about the side effects in OCD treatment, especially in kids

I frequently come across this question,

” How to overcome OCD naturally ,….Can I ? “

These question is difficult to answer, still I try to answer them.


” can I overcome OCD naturally ( without meds ) ? “

You may……but you may have to spend your entire life going through number of intrusive unwanted thoughts, obsessions, rituals, sleepless nights, many more things. Life will become an endless battle. Sometimes you become depressed, frustrated, losing hope.

You may win ultimately, after a long time, but you lose all the happiest moments in life and social life.

quote- Life is an endless battle

Life is an endless battle

What are the possible reasons to avoid medication in OCD treatment ?

1. Side effects :

Different types of many side effects are being reported, while undergoing treatment, for OCD, …like

  • difficulty in breathing
  • seizures
  • drowsiness
  • nausea
  • shakiness
  • yawning more……etc

One of my forum members complained ” I feel like a zombie, I have become less responsive to joy or pain “ I totally agree with this. yes, certainly there are some side effects with these medicines. Our medical researchers are trying hard to improvise these medicines. Medicines, with out any side effects, can be expected in near future.


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So, ultimately you are the person to choose between two, suffering from OCD or tolerating the side effects. And you can do one more thing, just note down all the symptoms of your side effects. with that your therapist can alter the medicine for you, till you reach a suitable drug.

2. Not effective :

All individuals don’t have the same kind of body chemistry, it is different from one person to other. We need to understand, one solution may not work for every one. What works for a person, may not work on others. if you feel your medicine is not very effective,…never stop taking them. Instead consult your therapist,  so that he can

  • change your medicine
  • change the dosage

3. They are not instant :

need time

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One important fact about these SSRI’s ( selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors ) is, they need sufficient time to make an impact, on you. It may take several weeks ( normally 10-12 weeks ).Don’t expect miracles. If you find results very soon, then you are lucky. It takes time.  So, have patience.

4. Uncertain period of time :

Usually, you are advised take medicines for prolonged duration, preferably one year or more, depending upon your severity of your symptoms. Do not worry about the duration. Make a strict schedule to take medicines every day. Never miss your medication schedule. Do not stop taking medicines, even if you feel they are not working. Even if accidentally miss one day, try to continue the next day. Relapse is an evil, which waits for a right opportunity and when you stop taking medication, the OCD monster strikes you again.

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