six ways meditation can cure OCD

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Can meditation cure OCD ?

Meditation certainly has positive influence in curing many psychological disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Though it has some limitations, still it can help you in battling with OCD.

so how can meditation help us in this war ?

1. meditation introduces us death :

Everyone gets panicked by the thought of death.  Our heart beat increases abruptly, hands begin to tremble, with the thought of lying at death bed. we all know we are mortals and death is inevitable,  still we are horrified by the idea of death. we constantly try to avoid the thoughts and discussions about death.

While meditating, at some point, we abandon the self (that’s ” I am ” ) and try to find the absolute truth. you lose yourself.  You find you are a part of this universe, and you are eternal. you enter into unknown territories in meditation.

2. Takes us one level above :

quote : to do or not to do

to do or not to do

sometimes before going to bed, I decide to wake early in the morning. and the next day when my alarm rings I just snooze it off and continue sleeping.  After waking up late, I wonder why I couldn’t wake up ?

thinking about it much ,after so many days,  I came to this conclusion.

there are two parts in our mind which are in conflict constantly. they oppose each other in every decision. they rarely come to an agreement. while one part forces us to do a thing, other part threatens about it. As a whole, our actions are determined by  the part which convinces us much. so we are constantly in dilemma.

OCD sufferers always face this dilemma.

for them, performing a ritual is not a simple issue. They suffer a lot while taking a decision, to complete a ritual or to avoid it, is the biggest problem they usually face. one part says the ritual is foolish, unnecessary and doesn’t make any sense, the other part threatens them avoiding the ritual may cause harm to their beloved ones.

So here,

how meditation is helpful  OCD ?

meditation takes you above normal plane, ( where two parts exist in your mind ) to a higher plane where you have only one part, so that you have only one decision….no dilemma.

3. Meditation increases serotoninDopamine levels:



serotonin and Dopamine are  neuro transmitters thatinfluences brain functions and regulates the mental processes. Serotonin is known as the  ” Happiness hormone “.

4. Brings tranquility:

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Numerous scientific researches and personal experiences had revealed that meditation helps us in relieving anxiety and brings us tranquility, and we all know anxiety is the main source of OCD.

so you are habituated to accepting death everyday. since it is the greatest fear every human being has, by facing it everyday you can master that fear. It no longer makes you frightened and when you can face the greatest fear on earth, the tiny fear OCD becomes negligible and vanished in no time.

5. Meditation improves ability to ” focus “.

bull's eye target

bull’s eye target

meditation improves attention levels, helps us in concentration and focus. These three things, attention, concentration and focus are very essential for OCD sufferers. These make us remember whether we have completed a task or not.

since OCD sufferers constantly try to check whether they have turned of the gas knob, locked the door etc, once they improve their focus certainly continuous checking will be decreased.

6. Simple living :

modern century opened doors to busy life, multi tasking, participating in the life’s rat race, stress, anxiety, diabetes etc.

everyone is forgetting the golden principle.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. “

when we try to bite more, that causes stress, and ultimately leads to anxiety and OCD.

Through meditation you spend sufficient time in introspection and accept what is essential and reject what is superficial.


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